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Entro is a FREE multi-platform system available today at the Chrome Store and App Store.

Easy Auto Opt-In

With Entro, opt-ins are now quick and easy. After selecting the two contacts you want to connect, Entro allows you to write a personalized opt-in email to your chosen contacts.

After that, you just write your introduction and Entro does the magic! The intro will automatically be sent when your contact accepts the opt-in.

Auto Follow-Ups

You send your introduction, your two contacts find it very valuable but life is busy and you never hear back from them. Does this sound familiar?

Don’t worry! Entro reminds you to follow up or even does it for you, increasing the likelihood of a successful introduction. Also it helps keep the conversation going.

Social Links & Templates

Entro’s focus is on making it simple for people to connect and to follow through with the connections they make.

Sending introductions with Entro allows you to automatically gather your contact's social media links and use pre-made templates, reducing the time spent writing intros.


Express Entros from your gmail compose window in only 3 Steps

Now you can send Entros right from the new email window with the same follow up advantages and including templates and social links.

Select two amazing people to connect.
The email needs to be addressed to two people.

Write one of the following in your subject field:
Introduction, Intro or <>

Insert social links, bio's and then let Entro auto follow-up.


A platform you can
rely on and trust

Intro Analytics and Email Reports allow you to keep track of your introductions and easily access them later on.

We never sell or share your data with third parties.


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